Create more harmonic moments.

Something magical happens when you use ADTsalvation tactics in your classroom. You can create unique opportunities for personal smartness at every level. Lessons become more immersive through the power of easeness, effectiveness and hence done factor. Processes can be imagined, scored, charted, coded or performed. And the work your students need to do becomes the work they love to do.

The most powerful techniques for learning are the ones students love to use with ease.

ADtsalvation Platform, Virtual Genie Technology and Genie Galaxy expand what’s possible inside the classroom and beyond. Platform opens up new opportunities for Solving things. ADTsalvation is an engine for cultivating valuable creativity. And our apps helps you capture your class’ attention like never before.

We’re making ADTsalvation applications as easy to form as they are to use.

It’s never been easier to put ADTsalvation login id in the hands of students and teachers. We’ve simplified the setup process so you can enrol everyone in your team quickly, configure several applications automatically, and seamlessly buy and distribute productivity and saving time.

Teachers Teach in ways you’ve always imagined.

Tips, lesson materials, stories and other resources to help you get the most out of your ADTsalvation products and bring fresh ideas to your classroom.